Stage 4: Wider reading 段階4: より広い読書

Unit 7: Moses and the Pharoah

Moses 及びPharoah

Moses and the Pharoah

Moses 及びPharoah

"The Egyptians believed that their king was superhuman.

"エジプト人は彼らの王がsuperhuman だった信じた。

As a god, he was irresistible on the battlefield and could slay hundreds of enemies at a stroke all by himself.


"'His eyes scrutinised the depth of every living being' Nothing is impossible for him."

"' 彼の目吟味しなかった' は何もであるあらゆる生活の深さをである彼のために不可能。"

"Everything which he ordains comes about".'

"彼がordains すべては来るについて" 。'

"Because the whole world depends upon him his health is all important."


Moses' rod had a special significance for it attacked the Pharaoh in the most alarming manner by threatening his personal health along with that of the whole of Egypt in its entire dependence upon his continued health and wellbeing.

Moses の棒に彼の継続的だった健康に全体の依存のエジプトの全体のそれと共に彼の個人的な健康を脅すことによってそれのための特別な重大さが攻撃した警急の方法のPharaoh をあった

The dread disease of leprosy threatened the Pharaoh's health in his own court.

ハンセン病のdread の病気は彼自身の裁判所のPharaoh の健康を脅した。

There were measures designed to ensure protection under all circumstances, to which leprosy within the court ran completely counter.


A prime measure of protection lay in the fact that "the god-king required complete and abject self-humiliation of his subjects.


A person approaching the Pharaoh threw himself on the floor, smelling the earth, crawling on the ground invoking this Perfect God and exalting his beauty".

Pharaoh に近づいている人は床の彼自身を投げ、地球をかぎ、この完全な神を実施し、彼の美を"称揚する地面で這う。

Again, the rod that became a serpent was a real danger, for the serpent had a special significance.


Many cattle died from the bite of the serpent when grain was being threshed in Egypt:


"At harvest time the (god) king had the duty of performing the magic ceremony of protecting from serpents the cattle used in threshing...”

"収穫期に(神) 王に牛が脱穀で... 使用した蛇からの保護の魔法式の実行の義務があった”

The cow was worshiped in Egypt, and not only as a source of food, but as the sky, the celestial mother and wife of the sun.


The cow-god Hathor, 'which is the sky', watched over the underworld of the dead and nourished the Pharaoh with milk....

空' である死者の下層社会に見られ、ミルクとのPharaoh 養われる牛神Hathor 、'....

And, of course, he was responsible for the annual Nile flood as well as the other weather phenomena.


He had many powers and much responsibility."