Stage 4: Wider reading 阶段 4: 宽阔地文学

Unit 1: Memories




Excerpt from a biography “Memorial to Joan Gates”

Another example of God's protection was an offer to Clive of a Ford V8 for $110, so we accepted the offer.

上帝的保护的另一个例子是提出福特的 Clive V8为$110,如此我们公认的提供.

It was a very good car and we had some great trips: The Sequoias, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, Indio Desert with Dr Fritz Whent, Disney Land, Sandiago Zoo, Marine Land, and Descanto Camilia Gardens.

它是很好车和我们有一些伟大的旅行:Sequoias,雄伟的峡谷,Yosemite国家的公园,Indio放弃和Dr德国人Whent,狄斯尼陆地,Sandiago动物园,海洋的陆地,并且 Descanto Camilia花园.

The children just loved Disney Land, and we were given $10 by Prof. Underwood , his Professor in Agriculture in W.A., and his wife when they were visiting Cal Tech, and Clive brought them home to lunch.

孩子仅仅爱狄斯尼陆地,并且我们被给 $10由丛林教授,他的在教授农业在W.A.,和他的妻子他们当在访问Cal技术,并且 Clive带来他们主页到午餐.

He said "you must take the children to Disney Land".


It was amazing.


We all enjoyed the trip, such as: Tom Sawyer's Island;


the trip down the river, with the Hippos coming up and blowing out water;


the boat going under the waterfall without getting wet;

以船运沉没瀑布 没有变得湿的;

a Red Indian camp, complete with Indians, wigwams, and campfire blazing;


the big black Gorilla beating his chest all very realistic and thrilling to the children.


The purchase of the car took all our money till the next pay came through, as well as the payment of our Health Insurance, which is essential in USA, as medical is very expensive.


So we only had the food that was in the house.


However, we all went down with Asian Flu and no one wanted to eat much.


Our daughter recovered first and went back to school.


Her lunch that day was limited, so she had to make a big thing of it and told her friend, "this is all the food we have".

她的午餐那天被限制,如此她不得不制作大的东西的它和告诉她的朋友, "这所有食物我们有".

The story reached her teacher, so when her mother was interviewed by her teacher, she said she was concerned for our welfare.


We assured her we were quite alright, and explained the purchase of the car and Health Insurance coming together had temporally left us short till next pay.

我们承诺她我们相当alright,并且解释车的购买和健康保险业来一起已暂时的离开我们报酬简短地耕种下一个 .

We thanked her very much for her kind concern.