Stage 4: Wider reading 阶段 4: 宽阔地文学

Preface: To Wider Literature




A literal translation of English to other languages that assists in learning English (not the other language), prepared with the aid of Chinese Star programs, Sun Tendy USA and some other internet based translation programs.

准备好的借助于汉语星星程序,孙倾向于, USA.

The cooperation and patience of native speakers of the other languages is gratefully acknowledged. Thanks especially to our friend Yoki for translations in Indonesian.

This text is copyright. No part may be reproduced by any process, including radio, television , or other electronic media, without the written permission of the author.

这文本是版权。部份不能由任一个过程再生产, 包括收音机、电视, 或其它电子媒介, 没有作者的写作许可

The words and grammar in this course are the same as that used by the Syndics of Cambridge University Press in their version of the Bible In Basic English.

词和语法在这条路线象那由剑桥大学Syndics 使用压入他们的圣经的版本用基础英语是相同

Their cooperation in permitting quotation from that version is gratefully acknowledged. We warmly advise the purchase of that version. That volume, and so the present text, makes use of the Basic English developed by :

他们的合作在允许的引文从那个版本感恩地被承认。我们温暖地劝告那个版本购买。容量, 和如此当前文本, 利用基础英语显现了出由:

Ogden, C.K. (1935) The ABC of Basic English (in Basic), 3rd print, Paul Trench, Trubner, London. This is also gratefully acknowledged.

Ogden, C.K. (1935)"基础英语ABC (用基本)", 第3 个印刷品,Paul Trench, Trubner, 伦敦。这感恩地也被承认

National Library of Australia


A range of topics that builds on the knowledge already gained whilst gradually increasing in complexity.


Specialist terms are omitted from this transliteration.