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SeeSayDo is written by Dr. Clive T. Gates

SeeSayDo 由Clive T. Gates 博士写

Joan & Clive's golden wedding anniversary with children: Phil, Wes, Heather, Steph, Christine & Kay. (1997)

Joan & Clive 的金婚周年纪念与孩子: 菲尔、Wes, 石南属植物, Steph 、Christine & 凯。(1997)

Extract from a letter Clive wrote to a friend regarding the SeeSayDo books.

节录从信件Clive 给一个朋友写了关于更加早期的书。

You did ask me for a resume of my background to popularise the books.


I think that needs only to be brief, covering the major points:

我认为, 需要只是简要的, 报道主要观点:

In my teens I was influenced by a Dr. T.Z. Koo who spoke at a church meeting in the Chatswood Town Hall.

在我的十几岁之内我由讲话在一次教会会议上在Chatswood 城镇厅的博士T.Z. Koo 影响了。

I felt called to study agriculture as a basis for Christian work.


I had to gain entry to University by private study for the Leaving Certificate, and my financial resources did not favour that aim.

我必须获取词条对大学由私有研究为离开的证明, 并且我的资金来源没有倾向那个目标。

To make a long story short, the Lord enabled me to succeed and I entered CSIRO at Griffith, NSW.

做长的故事短小, 阁下使我成功并且我输入CSIRO 在格里菲斯, NSW 。

I have since studied in England at Oxford and Cambridge, in the United States at Cal. Tech.,

我后来学习在英国在牛津和剑桥, 在美国在Cal. 技术,

and in Japan at the Institute of Protein Research at the Osaka Han Dai, altogether some 3 to 4 years overseas as a CSIRO officer.

和在日本在蛋白质研究学院在大阪韩・戴, 一共不少3 到4 年国外作为CSIRO 官员。

I felt challenged by the Lord to take up the night study of Chinese and Japanese at the Queensland University and at the Institute of Modern Languages.


I completed Honours in each along with the study of Chinese, Japanese and Indian history and culture.

我完成了荣誉在每个与中国, 日本和印第安历史和文化一起的研究。

These seemed important for that challenge.


As a result, I twice worked with Dr. Joseph Needham in Cambridge on the agricultural volume of his series "Science and Civilisation in China",

结果, 我两次工作了与约瑟夫・Needham 博士在剑桥在他的系列"科学和文明的农业容量在中国",

and have since published during retirement three books: "Climate and Agriculture; Globally, In China, and In Biblical Times".

并且后来出版在退休三书期间: "气候和农业; 全球性地, 在中国, 和在圣经的时期"。

Also during retirement, we have developed "Gilgal", a 270 acre property for training Christian workers.

并且在退休期间, 我们开发了"Gilgal", 270 英亩物产为训练基督徒工作者。

It became obvious that the Bible was an ideal basis for teaching English and thus satisfying the hunger for learning that language whilst favouring Biblical knowledge.

它变得明显, 圣经是为教的英语和如此满足饥饿的一个理想的依据为学会那种语言倾向圣经的知识。

The present books result from that and are the product of a decade of work.


My academic qualifications are:


Dr. Bib. Stud.(Missouri), B.A. Oriental Studies (Q), M.Sc. Agric., B.Sc. Agric. Hons. (WA), Lay Preaching Hons. (NSW), Digital & Industrial Electronics (ACT), Institute Modern Languages (Q), CSIRO Principal Research Scientist (retired), Life member American Society Plant Biologists.

围嘴Stud.(Missouri), B.A. Oriental Studies (q), M.Sc. Agric., B.Sc. Agric 博士。Hons 。(WA), 位置讲道Hons 。(NSW), 数字式& 工业电子学(法案), 设立现代语言(q), CSIRO 主要研究科学家(退休), 终身成员美国社会厂生物学家。

Publisher's Notes


Prepared for the internet by 'Clive and Wes Gates', with the kind assistance of 'Bill Sutton' of 'SuttonNet'.

为互联网做准备由' Clive 和Wes 门的, 以' Bill ・Sutton ' 亲切的协助' SuttonNet ' 。

Bill designs and hosts the site. He also wrote 'Java' programs to transform bi-lingual spreadsheets into web pages via XML.

Bill ' 设计和主人站点。他并且写' Java ' 节目变换双语报表成网页。

The original set of books are published in Australia and New Zealand by “Gilgal International Training Academy (Inc.)” under the title 'English: To See Say Do'.

原始的套书被出版在澳洲和新西兰由 “Gilgal International 训练学院(公司。)” 在标题之下' 英语: 看言' 。

This web site is a non-profit internet publication of Dr.Clive T.Gates books 'English: To See Say Do'.

这个网站是一个非营利性的互联网出版书籍Dr.Clive T.Gates 英格尔:要看说的去做

Literal translations of english to other languages are provided to assist in learning english (not the other language), prepared with the aid of 'Chinese Star SunTendy, USA' and internet translation machines.

英语的直译对其它语言供给对协助用学习的英语(不是另一语言), 准备' 中国星SunTendy 、美国' 和互联网翻译机器援助。

The words and grammar in this course are the same as that used by the 'Syndics of Cambridge University Press' in their version of the 'Bible in Basic English'.

词和语法在这条路线象那是相同由剑桥大学' Syndics 使用' 他们的' 圣经的版本用基础英语' 。

Their cooperation in permitting quotation from that version is gratefully acknowledged. We warmly advise the purchase of that version.


That volume, and so the present text, makes use of the 'Basic English' developed by:

容量, 和如此当前文本, 利用' 基础英语' 显现了出:

Ogden, C.K.' (1935) The ABC of Basic English (in Basic), 3rd print, 'Paul Trench, Trubner, London.'

Ogden, C.K 。' (1935) 基础英语(用基本), 第3 个印刷品ABC, ' 保罗沟槽, Trubner, 伦敦。'

This is also gratefully acknowledged.


Scriptural Figures by 'Carol Allen-Ankins'.

圣经形象由Carol Allen-Ankins

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English: To See Say Do

英语: 看言

National Library of Australia, ISBN 1 876222 00 X (Set),(1 876222 09-12) Second Edition 2001.

全国图书馆澳洲, 国际标准书号1 876222 00 X (Set), (1 876222 09-12) 再版2001 年。

Gilgal International Training Academy (Inc)

A small non-profit organisation incorporated in the ACT, Australia (1988-2008)

一个小非盈利性组织合并了在法案, 澳洲