Notes: From the Author 注意: 笔记从作者

People: Along the Way



Dr. Clive T. Gates is the author of SeeSayDo and keeps happy memories of these people.

Dr. Clive T. Gates 是SeeSayDo 的 作者和保留这人民幸福的记忆。

Carol Allen-Ankins

Our friend Carol made the artwork for the stories in SeeSayDo.

我们的朋友 Carol 做了艺术品为故事在SeeSayDo 。

More of Carol's artwork can be seen in “Bridge to North Korea”

更多卡罗尔的艺术品能被看见在 “桥梁里向北朝鲜”

Carol's edited letters of her time in South Korea and North-East China.


Carol's family can be contacted through SeeSayDo or ask us how you may buy a copy of this small book.

卡罗尔的家庭能与联系通过SeeSayDo 或问我们怎么您可以买这本小书的拷贝。

About the book “Bridge to North Korea”


This is the real life story of the experiences in Frontier Mission of Carol Allen-Ankins, B.A., Dip. Ed., Dip Rem. Ed.,

这是经验的真正的传记在卡罗尔・亚伦Ankins, B.A., 垂度Ed., 垂度Rem. Ed. 的边境使命,

A high school teacher trained in teaching English as a second language.


She has a passion for North Korea born of her love of God and His call to her.


Here she tells how she is building a bridge into that country, commencing from South Korea, and stretching over to North-East China, as North Korea slowly opens to its neighbours.

在这儿她告诉怎样她修筑桥梁入那个国家, 开始从南韩, 和舒展对中国东北, 因为北朝鲜对它的邻居慢慢地打开。

Carol is an Australian pensioner and a grandmother with eight children and 13 grandchildren, who is a gifted artist, as this book clearly demonstrates.

卡罗尔是澳大利亚领抚恤金和一个祖母与八个孩子和13 个孙, 是一位有天赋的艺术家, 因为这本书清楚地展示。

She operates on the support of her faith and her pension.


The striking feature of her story is the reality of God's provision for her.


Her story is in two parts, which tell of her experiences in the apposing ends of her bridge to North Korea :

她的故事是在二份中, 告诉她的经验在她的桥梁的apposing 末端对北朝鲜:

the first part is set in South Korea where she went to gain first hand knowledge of Korean life and language; and the second is in North-East China.

第一部份被设置在她去获取韩国语生活和语言第一手知识的南韩; 并且秒钟是在中国东北。

There she teaches English to Medical students drawn from among the more than one million North Koreans in that area.


For her, life begins at 60!

为她, 生活开始在60!

She challenges the capacities resident within us all at retirement!


The excellence of her sketches and her dramatic experiences in those areas are both intriguing and amazing


Published in Australia by Gilgal International Training Academy (Inc)

出版在澳洲由Gilgal International 训练学院(公司)

ISBN 0 9857500 0 9

Dr. T.Z. Koo

Clive heard a message from Dr. T.Z. Koo which sent his life work towards Asia.

Clive 听见了一则消息从"送他的毕生的事业往亚洲T.Z. Koo 的博士" 。

Dr T.Z.Koo was guest speaker at ACM & NZCM for the World Student Christian Federation 1931 - 1941

Dr T.Z.Koo 是特邀报告人在ACM & NZCM 为世界学生基督徒联盟1931 年- 1941 年

1. Antipodean Experience of the Federation : The Contribution of Dr. T.Z. Koo

南方联邦经验:Dr. T. Z. Koo贡献

2. More Direct Involvement in the WSCF, 1952-1961


3. Federation in East Asia


Dr Joseph Needham

Dr 约瑟夫・Needham

Clive's work with Dr. Needham increased his interest in China.

Clive 的 工作与 Needham 教授" 增加了他的兴趣在中国。

Joseph Terence Montgomery Needham (December 9, 1900 – March 24, 1995) was a British biochemist, but was best known as a pre-eminent authority on the history of Chinese science.

约瑟夫・Terence 蒙加马利Needham (12月9 日, 24 日 – 3月1900 日1995) 是英国的生化学家, 但是最佳以超群绝伦的当局著名在中国科学的历史。

Joseph Needham: Wikipedia, the free internet encyclopaedia

约瑟夫・Needham: Wikipedia, 自由互联网百科全书

The Needham Research Institute


a centre for the study of the history of East Asian science, technology and medicine publishes:


Science and Civilisation in China


Joseph Needham's contribution to the history of science and technology in China by Gregory Blue (Science and Technology in the Transformation of the World : United Nations University : 1979)