Stage 1: Simple beginnings :

Unit 10: The Conjunctions: and, or

Pictured Words

New Words

1. faces
2. collar
3. glasses
4. eye
5. chin
6. coat
7. neck

8. family
9. house
10. father
11. mother
12. son
13. gun
14. stool
15. seat
16. legs





Structure Words



He has a kind face.

He is certain to get respect.

Her eyes are dark, his are clear.

That home is very old.

The father, mother and son are a happy family.

The rooms are small.

I have a pain in my stomach.

I have a cold.

There is a seat in the bathroom.

The Conjunctions: and, or

The words "and", "or" help to join thoughts together.

These words make a connection between groups of words, so they are called conjunctions (= joining with).

"And" relates things that have a like connection, whilst "or" relates things when we are saying "one of two".

Here are some examples of these two conjunctions:


The earth was waste and without form.

God made a division between the light and the dark.

The waters which were under the arch and those which were over it .

There was evening and there was morning.

plants producing seed, and fruit trees giving fruit

The greater light to be the ruler of the day, and the smaller light to be the ruler of the night .

God made great sea beasts, and every sort of living and moving thing with which the waters were full.

God made the beast of the earth after its sort, and everything moving on the face of the earth after its sort .


He will not take wine or strong drink.

You will be without voice or language .

an offering of two doves or other young birds

Here Am I

Now the young Samuel was the servant of the Lord before Eli.

At that time, when Eli was resting in his place, (now his eyes were becoming clouded

so that he was not able to see), and the light of God was still burning, while Samuel was sleeping in the Temple of the Lord

And he said, Here am I.

Running to Eli he said, Here am I, for you said my name.

And Eli said, I did not say your name;

go to your rest again.

So he went back to his bed.

Again the Lord said, Samuel.

And Samuel got up and went to Eli and said,

Here am I;for you certainly said my name.

But he said in answer, I said nothing, my son;

go to your rest again.

Now at that time Samuel had no knowledge of the Lord, and the revelation of the word of the Lord had not come to him.

And for the third time the Lord said Samuel's name.

And he got up and went to Eli and said, Here am I;

for you certainly said my name.

Then it was clear to Eli that the voice which had said the child's name was the Lord's.

So Eli said to Samuel, Go back: and if the voice comes again, let your answer be, Say on, Lord;

for the ears of your servant are open, So Samuel went back to his bed.

Then the Lord came and said as before, Samuel, Samuel.

Then Samuel made answer, Say on, Lord;

for the ears of your servant are open.

The Lord said to Samuel, See, I will do a thing in Israel at which the ears of everyone hearing of it will be burning.

Additional Reading

Samuel was a little boy who was born to Hannah when she made a request to God for him.

She lived in the hill country in a small town where everything was green and lovely.

The gardens gave pleasure to everyone with their fruits and their lovely colours.

But although she had been married for a long time she did not have a son.

It was her deepest desire to have a son.

That was a very important thing for all Jewish women.

So she prayed to God and she became a mother in due time.

She had made a decision that she would give that son to the church in her country, which had the name: the temple.

So it was that when the boy was off the breast she took him to be a servant in the temple.

In those days a child was on the breast for much longer than now.

He would have been running about and talking.

But he would still be very young.

Each year Hannah came to see her son and she brought him a little coat to put on while he did his work.

How hard it must have seemed to him as he was waiting for the time to come when he would see her and hear her voice again!

We can see him in our mind's eye as running up to the top of the hill to see when his mother would come into view in the distance.

But, he did hear a voice in the Temple, as our story says.

It was the first time that God spoke to him.

As he got older his heart was often moved by hearing God speak to him, just as it was this first time.

He became a great man in his nation and told people what they should do if they were to get their full reward for right living.

He had the name of being a Seer because he was able to tell the people what would take place in the future.

It was a time when the nations had no ruler and so the people were dependent upon a man like Samuel to be their judge and tell them what they had to do.

Samuel was a good man.

He saw that everyone seemed to be longing for a ruler and so he gave them one.

He was told by God to do that.

That ruler did not do the right things and Samuel had to make the decision to give them another one.

He was told to make David the next ruler.

That was a very wise act because David made his people to become a very strong and good nation .

Helpful Notes

running about
To go all over the place.
seeds that may be food.
the light seen by the eyes.
a place where people go to talk with God.
someone saying what the relations between things are.