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Unit 5: The Story Of Lot And Sodom

The Story Of Lot And Sodom

The angels would not listen to Lot's words.

In the morning, urged on by the angels, Lot took his wife and the two daughters who lived with him, and prepared to go away.

But it was hard for them to leave and face an uncertain future.

At last the angels took hold of his hand, and of the hand of his wife, and of the hands of his two daughters, and brought them out of the city.

Had it not been for the Lord's mercy, Lot and all his family would have been destroyed.

When the angels had brought Lot and his family outside the city, they told him to hasten to the mountain.

"do not look behind you," they cried, "or you be consumed."

But even then Lot stopped to argue with them.

His courage failed, and he begged to be allowed to go to the little city of Zoar, instead of to the mountain.

His request was granted.

As they fled, Lot's wife turned to look once more at the home she was leaving behind her.

Perhaps she thought that, after all, the city would not be destroyed, and she might go back;

but as she looked, she was turned to a pillar of salt, and Lot and his daughters were obliged to leave her there as they ran for their lives.

The sun had risen when they entered Zoar;

and it was about this time that Abraham went to the place where the night before he had so earnestly pleaded with the Lord to spare the city.

It had been consumed by "fire and brimstone".