Stage 4: Wider reading :

Unit 14: Living Water

Living Water

Jesus said in answer, “Truly, I say to you, If a man’s birth is not from water and the spirit, it is not possible for him to go into the kingdom of God."

What a difference a drop of rain can give to a dry land. I took my family through Death Valley--one of the driest and hottest places in California. But the scene was totally different – there had been a change to rain. Nature was alive, there were many flowers, the air was misty and the trip was pleasant. My friends could not believe it, until they saw the pictures.

Jesus said “Whoever takes the water I give him will never be in need of drink again,

for the water I give him will become in him a fountain of eternal life”

Dry lands were well known to those living in Israel. Jesus was saying a meaningful thing when talking of the fountain of life. For a people used to the waste lands of Judea, the meaning was clear. To the woman at the well: “Sir, give me this water” was her ready response.

And she drank that water, for she said to the people “Come and see … is it possible that this is the Christ?”

Before that , she was born of water, but now she was born of the spirit.

Prayer: Lord, May we become a fountain of life as we too are born of the spirit. Amen.

Thought for the day

Men need Christ, the living water

Prayer focus: The New Spirit Christ Gives