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Unit 34: Complex Verbs

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He is going to have a drink of coffee at the restaurant.

She is not going to take an orange but she will take an apple.

The egg has been too long under the hen and now has only a jelly inside it.

The beef had already been put into the oven but no rice had been cooked.

I have no money but I am going to get a ticket to the ball game.

I am only a beginner but I am going to take her picture with my camera.

That hotel had kept a bottle of whisky but it did not have any tea.

The bottle machine has not given her any change.

Complex Verbs

English expresses time in some special ways:

When saying something about the near future, a form of the verb "to be" is followed by "going to":

see, I am going to do a new thing.

In complex sentences "not" is placed after the first part of the verb:

the rivers will not go over you.

When saying something of the past, events that go before the recent past may be said by putting "have" or "had" before the verb:

the things said before have come about.

which he had taken from off the altar.

Both "have" and "had" may be used in a sentence to show which act came first:

If the prophet had given you orders to do some great thing would you not have done it?

The verbs you have become used to have some common qualities that make it easier to say complex things.

These are:

1. The root only changes for the past time.

2. The change for the present time is for the 3rd person only.

3. The future time is shown by the addition of "will".

Samson And Delilah

Now after this he was in love with a woman in the valley of Sorek, named Delilah.

And the chiefs of the Philistines came up to her, and said to her,

Make use of your power over him and see what is the secret of his great strength, and how we may get the better of him, and put bands on him, so that we may make him feeble;

and every one of us will give you eleven hundred shekels of silver.

So Delilah said to Samson, Make clear to me now what is the secret of your great strength, and how you may be put in bands and made feeble.

And Samson said to her, If seven new bow-cords which have never been made dry are knotted round me, I will become feeble and will be like any other man.

So the chiefs of the Philistines gave her seven new bow-cords which had never been made dry, and she had them tightly knotted round him.

Now she had men waiting secretly in the inner room;

And she said to him, The Philistines are on you, Samson, And the cords were broken by him as a twist of thread is broken when touched by a flame.

So the secret of his strength did not come to light....

And when Delilah saw that he had let her see into his heart, she sent word to the chiefs of the Philistines saying, "Come up this time, for he has let out all his heart to me".

Then the chiefs of the Philistines came to her, with the money in their hands.

And she made him go to sleep on her knees;

and she sent for a man and had his seven twists of hair cut off;

and while it was being done he became feeble and his strength went from him.

Then she said, The Philistines are on you, Samson.

And awaking from his sleep, he said, I will go out as at other times, shaking myself free.

But he was not conscious that the Lord had gone from him.

So the Philistines took him and put out his eyes.

Then they took him down to Gaza, and, chaining him with bands of brass, put him to work crushing grain in the prison-house.

But the growth of his hair was starting again after it had been cut off.

Additional Reading

As a leading person in his day, Samson was a picturesque and notable man.

Even now, knowledge of his name is quite general.

The moving picture, Samson and Delilah, has kept our memory of him very much alive.

In his time, Samson made several attacks on the opposing forces, the Philistines.

He was a very strong man, if ever there was one.

He was able to carry the gates of a big town on his shoulders up a hill.

He put to death a thousand men with the mouth bone of an ass and he pulled a lion into two parts as simply as one might do a young goat.

The secret of Samson's great strength lay in the directions for his religious life that his mother gave to him at his birth.

One of these was that his hair should never be cut.

This was taken as a sign of great strength in his time.

That is the main thought behind this story.

But, Samson does not seem to have had respect for all the rules of his religious life.

He certainly did a lot of good for his nation, but he could not keep free from his strong love for women.

He also did not give attention to the rules of his own country and took in marriage women from the enemy forces.

In fact, he married at least two of them.

The last one was Delilah, and she got him into a lot of trouble.

So, for all his record of bravery, his natural desires got the better of him.

Delilah made several attempts to get hold of Samson and give him to the Philistines.

But, he was hard to take.

She first made use of the bow strings and then he said to her that she get hold of him with new thick cords.

These were broken with no trouble.

He then said to her to get the seven twists of his hair and have them worked into her cloth and fixed with the pin of her machine, he would then become feeble and be like any other man.

But, when she said the Philistines are upon you, he got up quickly from his sleep, pulling away the cloth and the machine without trouble.

He took them away with him.

All the time he was getting nearer to the secret and that was to have his hair cut off, as it says in our story.

What a sad feeling he must have had when his strength was gone and he was taken as a prisoner to the main town of the Philistines, Gaza.

They gave him the bitter blow of having his eyes put out.

But, they made a big error, for they let his hair grow again.

In the moving picture, there are full details of the play of Samson by men of small size.

They got him tricked in nets so that he fell over whilst he could not see.

These little men had that big strong man tightly penned up.

All the notables among the Philistines were laughing and jumping in pleasure at this shameful punishment of the man held in their grip.

It was a cruel blow for a strong man.

Samson had become strong again, though, and so he could give an expert reward to them by putting his arms around the two central supports of the house where all these notables were.

He prayed for strength again and then pulled the whole place down.

He put out all his strength, and the house came down on the leaders of the Philistines and all the great company of people there.

He came to a sad end at the same time, but he sent to destruction more than all the Philistines he had put to death in his earlier life.

Helpful Notes

valley of Sorek
a local name.
put bands on
get control over.
shekels of silver
a measure of silver by weight.
twist of thread
lines of thread wound together to give strength.
seven twists of hair
seven was an important number.
his natural desires
he could not resist her sex.
pin of machine
the needle that made it firm.
eyes put out
a painful punishment, he could no long see.
tightly penned up
taken prisoner.
the important persons of the land.

Interesting Facts and Records

Town of Palm Trees

One of the oldest towns of which we have any knowledge is near the "Dead Sea" in Palestine.

It has the name, Jericho.

It also has the name, "Town of Palm Trees" because of the date palms growing there.

It is said by men who are experts in weather conditions that the persons who built Jericho came there at a time when the weather became warmer some twelve thousand years past.

Large quantities of ice turned to water then.

As a result, great increases in sea levels came about.

This put a stop to salt and fish industries along the edge of the land in Palestine.

Salt was needed to make leather and to keep fish fresh.

There was another sea that was within the land of Palestine.

It had the name, The Dead Sea.

At this place salt was easily got.

Animal skins were also to be had from goats and cows, along with their meat and beef.

There were good quantities of butter from milk, eggs from fowls, and fruit from the palm trees

Perhaps there were apples, but there were no oranges in those days.

There were grapes, wheat and barley to be grown.

However, there was no rice.

The place must have seemed to have the comforts of a hotel to those who had lost their food and houses.

We can be sure that the great town of Jericho is very old.

Buildings have been built one after another.

Often they have been placed on top of earlier ones.

The place got bigger and did more and more trade.

In summer, the weather was hot as an oven, but the palms gave shade.

A person could take his drink of beer or wine in a shady square.

There were eat houses, or as we now would say, there were restaurants.

In those times there was no coffee, tea or chocolate to take as drinks.

There were no bottles of whisky either, for drinks were put in skins and they were often wine.

Life in Jericho would make a good story on television or in the theatre now.

Unfortunately, there were no cameras with which to take pictures in those days.

Jericho was a key town in those parts.

For that reason, the fighting men under Joshua's management made the town their first point of attack after crossing the Jordan river.

They were given guidance by God.

They were to walk in a circle round the town until the walls came falling down.

It seems a strange idea to us now.

It seems like a bit of humor to our minds to see so many men going round and round.

All the buildings and the walls, however, were on soft chalky ground.

They would have been safe against a direct attack but their base was weak.

The ground beneath the walls became like jelly with the stamp of so many feet.

This made them come to destruction as though given a kick by the feet of so many fighting men.

No machines were used to destroy that great town.

Only the wise program given by God was needed.