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More Stories in Simple Forms of English

Bible in Basic English

SOON is an easy English web magazine for the world!

Wycliffe Associates (UK) also made a form of simple English called EasyEnglish.

There is great interest in their stories.

Wycliffe EasyEnglish Dramas

Open Book Ministries share great stories of life in English and Urdu

Read a general history of the world in basic english by C.K. Ogden and E.H. Carter

Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia

Tens of thousands of notes on any subject written in simple English.

Basic English

Basic English: Wikipedia, the free internet encyclopaedia

Ogden's Basic English

A summary of Basic English: A General Introduction with Rules and Grammar by C. K. Ogden

Ogden's Basic English Words through Pictures

Basic English and Grammatical Reform by 'C.K. Ogden'

Basic-English Institute

Basic-English Institute has many useful resources in Basic English

Make a simple sentence in Basic English with John Derry's internet model of Ogden's word wheel.

Thoughts for Teachers

What is Wycliffe EasyEnglish?

A few tips on choosing input byby Tomasz P. Szynalski

1. Choose content that you care about

2. Read "n+1" texts. ie. One level above your level of English.

3. Read texts written in "everyday" English.

4. Read the kind of sentences that you want to write or say yourself.

5. Start by reading or listening to texts or programs by the same author.

6. Watch and listen to many episodes of an interesting series.

“The case for narrow reading” by Stephen Krashen : Language Magazine 3(5):17-19, (2004)


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